I am proud to announce we are PART OF COOP MG

The Cooperative Marketing Group is not only a quality manual traffic exchange, it is also a traffic co-op.

CoopMG has built a Network of Partners with over 40 manual traffic exchange owners and over 400 additional exchange resources.

This means you can surf and promote at and have your pages not only seen on the exchange itself but at over 400 other exchanges!

A quick note about Top Surfer Award Certificates at CoopMG :

It is a weekly event that reward member’s, all who participate, with each certificate that is collected at each participating exchange, every day. For each certificate collected a reward is given immediately. Everyone is a winner!

The top 20 surfers of the weekly event will receive an additional reward for being amongst the top 20 surfers who have collected the most certificates during the week.

The week goes from Monday through Sunday. Certificates can be collected at each participating exchange once per day.

There are also Three (3) Bonus Certificates found at CoopMG which are activated by collecting the certificate at CoopMG and the participating exchanges.

Rewards for the top 20 surfers will be added to those members CMG account automatically on Monday morning after Sundays server reset.

For more information and to find a list of participating exchanges, log in to your CoopMG account and visit the REWARDS section.

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Get More Diverse Traffic with Less Surfing!

We have become a CMG Network Partner

Surf Roughly 103 Pages at the CMG Network Partner Sites
Every Day to Claim Your Daily Top Award Certificates!

This Weeks Top Cash Jackpot Total is Currently: $ 6.84

See you there!